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Private Investigators and the New Rise of Work-From-Home Fraud

It may not surprise you that 2020’s tumultuous changes have led to significant new business practices, particularly remote work situations and work-from-home setups. More remote work solutions are being used to get around social distancing and lockdown issues created by COVID-19 – and they’re expected to last long after the virus is gone. But remote [...]

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Human Resources and Private Security

As a business owner, human resources plays a major role in the operations of the organization. They are the first line of defense in ensuring your policies are correctly drafted, implemented and enforced. This can get complicated, as they must develop training programs along with your risk management team to educate each employee on your [...]

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BYOD Strategies: Should Your Security Guards Use Personal Phones on The Job?

BYOD or "Bring Your Own Device" received a lot of popularity in the last decade. Basically, it's a policy that allows employees to bring their own phones to work and use them for work-related activities – an important ability in today's app-dominated world. But is a BYOD policy possible for a security guard company? What [...]

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2020 Security Trends that Your Business Should Be Prepared to Explain

2020 presents an exciting time for alarm installation companies, which continue to see strong growth and have not suffered from the DIY industry as many feared that they would. Additionally, new alarm and security technologies are now becoming more mainstream, and that means curious customers are going to be seeking out more details this year. [...]

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Six Key Growth Opportunities for Investigation Services in 2020

In 2020 and beyond, the private investigation market looks like it will grow increasingly competitive – but that doesn't mean there isn't any room for growth, too. Several segments of the industry are expected to see new growth as market forces shift. PI companies that look toward expansion and diversification can expect to find many [...]

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How to Advertise the Added Value of a Professional Security System

A frequent challenge that security and alarm companies face is convincing potential customers that the value they add is worthwhile. This is particularly true in such a competitive industry where people may be looking at several similar offerings, and even truer when there's also a DIY side of the market to consider. Do you have [...]

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Tips for Private Investigators When Discussing Sensitive Cases and Experience

There are two common ways that private investigators acquire more clients: Through an attorney that hires them for a particular case that they have taken, or through an independent customer that is seeking a personal PI service. When dealing with attorney relationships, matters of confidentiality and sensitive discussion topics aren't usually a problem. Both sides [...]

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6 Smart Ways to Increase Your Alarm Company’s Monthly Service Revenue

Learn how to increase your alarm company's service revenue using smart strategies and marketing. This guide shares quite a few MRR marketing and sales tactics. Is your alarm company losing monthly revenue? Have you hit a revenue plateau? As with any business, it's essential that you know how to increase your revenue for your alarm [...]

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Marketing for Beginners: Make Your Private Investigator or Process Server Company Boom Today!

Looking for a way to improve your marketing game? Marketing for beginners has never been easier when you read this guide perfect for a private investigator or process server company! Marketing may not be on your mind if you own a private investigator or process server company, but it’s important given the growing competition. Check [...]

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How Informative Video Content Can Boost Your Security System Sales

You have probably already heard that video marketing is a big deal right now – and it's popular because it works. The latest studies show that 68% of consumers would prefer to watch a short video to learn how something works rather than read a text-based article. When consumers are asked what type of video [...]

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